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We take the stress away by allowing you to focus on your core business.

At House of Mouse we specialise in social media marketing, influencer outreach programs, social media training, as well as business development through strategic guidance and mentoring. We offer a team of social media managers, content creators, and web developers to give your brand new life. 

Your brand is constantly exposed online, so we will take all steps necessary to your business success. 




Social Media

In this fast-paced world, keeping up with social media can be very time consuming. We take the stress away by identifying, and then creating, a personalised strategy to monitor what is being said about your company, individual, product or brand.  We then work with you to develop the the best social media and marketing strategy to tell your story. Then leave the rest up to us. We are an extension of you, so we'll manage your content, posts and your community.  



Influencer marketing is the next big thing for business growth. It is a powerful way to connect consumers with your brand or product.  It's about connecting your business with like-minded influencers that have an extensive following and those that are the right fit for your business and your target audience. Engagement with influencers is targeted, trackable and also assists with SEO. The more popular your brand is on social channels, the more relevant you will be on google.



Captivating content is essential to connect you with your audience. Content is king, as they say, and a picture is worth a thousand words. House of Mouse works with content creators, photographers and videographers to tell your story. We want to help you build a connection with your audience. We want them to be and feel part of your family. Whether you need content for your social channels, blogs or websites, we find the best fit for you and your business.


Social Media

Social media has become mandatory for every business. It is not always possible for some businesses to outsource social media. We offer highly energised and educational social media training sessions to train, educate and mentor staff in-house on how to best use social media to their advantage. We offer one-on-one sessions and ongoing mentoring.


Traditional and
Digital PR

House of Mouse uses traditional and digital PR methods of engagement to secure editorial opportunities with print and online publications and media. We develop a personalised PR strategy to suit your business and combine traditional PR with content marketing and social media to fast-track news to your target audience.


Branding and

Does your brand need a revamp? House of Mouse works with some of the best in the business to give your brand new life and build an emotional connection with your target audience. We then develop a personalised strategy to structure, plan, develop, and manage your product or brand to add maximum business value. A good brand doesn't just happen, we make it happen. 




Blogging has evolved to become one of the most under-estimated tools for increasing SEO.  House of Mouse develops creative blogging posts that not only engage your audience but also increase website traffic.  We can engage with ‘guest’ bloggers to link more external pages to your site.



House of Mouse works with word wizards to create copy for your website, SEO, blog posts, ads, script writing, press releases, newsletters, social media posts and/or marketing material. We tell your story in the right way to connect with your audience and build lasting relationships with them. 


Other Services

Think there's something we can help with that's not listed? Please get in touch to see if we can help you out! 


We've been lucky to work with:

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